Change Your Diet for a Pain-Free Lifestyle

Chronic pain can be one of the most frustrating conditions to deal with, for a couple of reasons: #1. You don’t always know what causes it. Sometimes, there can be a physical cause; other times, there is no known physical cause, which usually means your body is generating an inflammatory response […]

pain free diet

Healthy Homemade Hot Chocolate

There’s nothing quite as warm and comforting as a cup of hot cocoa on a cold day. I love drinking hot chocolate, especially in the wintertime. It feels great just to curl up with a good book on the couch or in a recliner and sip on hot cocoa by a […]

healthy hot chocolate recipe

10 Foods to Boost Your Fiber Intake

It is estimated that only about five percent of Americans get the recommended amount of fiber in their diets from the foods they eat each day. Despite our attempts to ingest more fiber by eating grains, cereals, and other processed foods that claim to be high in fiber, many of […]


12 Deliciously Dairy-Free Cheesecake Recipes

At Queen City Health Center, we recommend limiting your dairy intake. Too much dairy can result in side effects like excess mucus production (leading to stuffy nose & upper respiratory congestion) and constipation. Moreover, lactose intolerance is an increasing problem in our American culture, where our diets consist largely of dairy […]

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