Why Adjust A Newborn Baby?

Babies need adjustments just as adults do! The best time for a baby to receive an adjustment is actually the day they are born.  There’s 80-100 lbs of pressure that gets put on a baby’s neck and head as they go down through the canal and that can easily move or subluxate the bones in the spine. This can lead to many issues such as torticollis, spitting up, colicky, nursing issues, acid reflux, and sleeping issues. It can also lead to different issues later in life!

Sometimes babies will favor one side more than the other, looking more to the right or to the left, and this could be because this is how they were in the womb or how they came down the canal. If this is the case, the head needs to be placed in the right position and the bones in the neck need to be adjusted to the correct spot. The length of a babies legs are also checked. If one is longer than the other, it can be fixed by adjusting the baby’s atlas! Only is a little pressure is applied when adjusting a newborn baby. It would be about the same amount of pressure used to press on a tomato. The cranium is also checked. There’s fluid moving through the baby’s spinal cord and cranium to help hydrate it and give it nutrients as well as get rid of any toxins. Again, a little pressure is placed on the cranium to make sure that everything is flowing in the right space. It is better to get everything moving in the right direction right after birth than waiting years down the road!

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