What is Causing My Carpal Tunnel Pain?

A lot of people do not realize that the pain from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome doesn’t actually originate in the wrist! Dr. Kyle has worked with many patients with Carpal Tunnel pain and has found that the wrist is usually not the problem. According to the journal of neurology in 2003, 90% of all carpal tunnel patients found to have nerve root irritation in their cervical spine, a condition known as double crush phenomena. Most of the time the pain is actually coming from the radial nerve that begins in the neck and goes all the way through the arm and into the carpal tunnel in the hand! This nerve can get pinched or have a lot of pressure pushing on it from the neck not being in proper alignment, and it is felt in the hand and causes pain and tingling in the fingers. Dr. Kyle has seen many patients become free of this pain after starting chiropractic care!

We are meant to use our hands, but something we are not created to do is to sit hunched over at a desk all day or looking down at our cell phone for hours! All of the pressure from the head leaning forward goes right into the bottom of the neck and shoulders and creates stress. Also, sleeping on your stomach can pinch the radial nerve. Sleeping this way twists your neck all night long and can irritate the same nerves. Relieving the stress off of the nerve will more than likely be the key to getting rid of carpal tunnel pain. A lot of people seek doctors that tell them that they need to have surgery, but this should be the last resort!


1. Get weekly adjustments: This will get the pressure off of the nerve and will get your neck moving in the proper direction into a healthy curve.

2. Do at home exercises that will keep the spine moving and in proper alignment. This will give you long lasting effects and your spine (and wrists) will thank you later.

3. Use a denneroll if your doctor recommends it for you. This is key to recreating the correct curve in your neck!

4. Correct ergonomics. Get a standing desk, a wobble cushion or a laptop stand! This will help correct your posture so that you will not be putting so much pressure on the nerves in your neck by leaning so far forward.

5. Sleep on your side. No more belly sleeping!

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