What Are Food Allergies?

When most people think of food allergies, they think of the anaphylactic response that is common from foods such a peanuts, eggs, fish, etc. These are IgE responses and can be life threatening. Our body has other immunoglobulins including IgG, IgA, IgM and IgD. When a protein from our foods come into the bloodstream, the immunoglobulins go after the protein and tag it to create something called an antibody so that any time this protein comes back into the bloodstream, our body will know to create an immune response. It sees it as a foreign invader! The issue is that foods should not be getting into our bloodstream in the first place. When we eat foods, our bodies need to be able to break them down. However, our digestive systems have been so weakened due to many foods that we eat with gluten being an example, as well as toxins, medications, and high levels of stress. These things can cause the gut to become leaky. This then allows proteins from our foods to make its way through the gut lining into our bloodstream and in return, our bodies create the immune response to that protein just like it would to a virus.

IgG Testing

The immune response that Dr. Kyle tests for is the IgG response. This immunoglobulin responds as if a virus was coming into your body and will create antibodies so that the body will recognize the foreign invader. When we test, we test 150 different foods that are eaten on a regular basis through a blood test from Immunolabs to see if the body has created an immune response to them. If we take your blood and test the proteins to these foods and your body has created antibodies to those proteins, when it gets in your body, the immune response will happen. Your body will react to that food the same way it would react to a virus. If you eat those foods every day, it’s like a constant infection is happening. This creates a lot of stress and over time can cause our immune system to become suppressed. It’s important to take those foods out of your diet so that your body will no longer be constatly having this immune response.

When Can I Add Them Back Into My Diet ?

An IgG response has about a 2-3 month half life, meaning you need to stay away from any food that shows up on your test for a good period of time before your body no longer creates those antibodies. Over time, your body will lose the antibodies and no longer see these foods as a threat. Dr. Kyle typically suggests re-testing after one year. The next step would be to heal your gut so that the lining is strong and healthy enough to keep the foods out of your bloodstream and to break down foods correctly.

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