Want to Get Your Energy Back?

Consistent Lack of Energy

Do you feel like you are lacking energy every day? Some people feel fatigued throughout their day. Or some feel like even having several cups of coffee still does not give their body the energy they need to perform day-to-day tasks. In some cases, people feel a heavy crash around the middle of the day, yet struggle to go to bed at night. Our body was powerfully made to exert energy throughout our day naturally, without depending on something such as caffeine to sustain it.

Underlying Issue of Fatigue

This is a huge sign that something underlying is happening within your body. Fatigue is very unique to you; it is not about taking the next high marketed pill. Solving the root of your fatigue is also not an across-the-board answer. It is not about taking a pill or medication for energy. It is all about figuring out why your body is not sustaining energy throughout your day. There are several ways to begin making changes in your lifestyle to help this issue. You have to be willing to invest time and effort so you can begin to feel normal again.

Top 4 Ways to Eliminate Daily Fatigue

1. Eliminate Common Issues

There are a few easy things to do from home right away to improve energy levels. Prioritize your sleep by getting 7-9 hours minimum. Evaluate the medication you are on to see if this could be causing further issues, such as fatigue. Eliminate grains and sugars from your diet, as these foods tend to cause fatigue. Make sure you are getting enough movement throughout your day, especially if you are sitting at a desk for a prolonged time.

2. Digestive Evaluation

We can also check if there has been a virus, parasite, infection, or other interference to your body that is causing symptoms. Fatigue could be your body’s healthy reaction to an internal problem going on. These interferences can attack your nervous system which in return affect other areas of your body. After identifying the root cause, we will help you excrete the issue to help your body go back to its optimum functioning.

3. Hormone Evaluation

If you feel fatigued during certain times of the day or month, we would then check the balance of your hormones. When we check the cycle of the hormones, we will see how to support any of those systems to regulate optimal function. One of the main areas we may need to support is your adrenal glands, which play a big role in your energy levels.

4. Nervous System Evaluation

Due to the majority of jobs requiring excessive screen time and long periods of sitting, people tend to experience immense stress on their bodies. Added stress on your spine can affect multiple areas of your body, including your hormones that assist in optimal energy levels. Consistent adjustments can correct these areas of added stress and assist in correcting fatigue.