Vitamin D3: Do You Need It?

Should I Take It?

Vitamin D is something that everyone should be taking for a good, strong, and healthy immune system. It is not taught enough how important Vitamin D is for many aspects of our health. One of the main things that are linked to almost all cancers is low Vitamin D3 levels. For this reason, it is important to stay in tune with where your body levels are at to make sure you are functioning at your optimum ability. We are going to share four ways to make sure you have healthy Vitamin D levels.

4 Steps to Find the Best Source of Vitamin D3

1. Get Tested

The first thing to do when it comes to having good Vitamin D3 levels is to see where your levels actually are. Find a lab or doctor that will do testing for you (we offer this testing in our offices). This test is not expensive compared to most other health tests. When the results come back, you want to make sure it reads between 50 and 100. So if someone has results less than 50, we would suggest a plan to increase their vitamin D3 levels. The same goes for someone who has higher than 100.

2. Quality Matters

It is very easy to purchase the first inexpensive supplement you see online or in the store; however, this can be problematic and toxic to your health depending on the quality of the product. Typically, we recommend taking this in seasons with less sunshine and cooler weather. The ultimate source of Vitamin D3 would be going outside in the sun, but that isn’t always accessible. A high-quality supplement we recommend is from Systemic Formulas.

3. Check Ingredients

You always want to look at the ingredients in a supplement you are taking. One Vitamin D3 supplement we suggest has rosehip, beta-glucan, turmeric, zinc, potassium, liver, and more. Ultimately, there are no synthetic ingredients or added sugar for flavors. You also want to make sure the Vitamin D3 source you take also has K2 and Vitamin A. Another great supplement you could purchase would be from Their supplement contains 5000 units in each capsule and includes Vitamin K2 and A.

4. Amount to Take

To have healthy Vitamin D3 levels, you need to look at how much you are taking. Over the years, we have recommended 5,000 ius for a good starting point. Most multivitamins will only have around 400 ius, so 5,000 is what we have found time and time again to work for patients. We also have not seen someone take this amount and retest their Vitamin D levels that show too high of Vitamin D. For kids, they need closer to 2,500 ius. If you test your levels and they show below 50, you would want to start taking 15,000-20,000 ius a day. The reason we say to test is that this is all individualized. There is no blanket statement for the amount every person should be taking, this is just an estimate based on what your test results could show.

If you would like more information on how to receive these tests and plans, please contact our office via email, phone, or in person.