Understanding Psoriasis: What Supplements Should I Take?

We learned last week that psoriasis is actually not a skin condition, it’s an immune system problem! When your skin is reproducing at a rapid pace, this is an autoimmune response that is occurring in the body. If the gut is not healed, different things can make its way through the digestive system from different foods that are eaten and it can make its way into the bloodstream which causes the body to produce antibodies to the proteins in those foods!  This is one thing that can create the immune response. We also learned about TH cells and when they become overactive, it leads to autoimmunity. These cells attack other cells and create the inflammatory response!

Dr. Kyle suggested four different types of testing that will help you get to the root of what is causing your psoriasis; food allergy testing, stool test, checking your vitamin D3 levels, and testing for autoimmune markers.

There are six different supplements that Dr. Kyle suggests starting out with if you have not yet completed any testing. These are things that anyone can take but when it comes to healing the gut, your supplements need to be more individualized. These are going to be a great starting point and will help you start to break down food and absorb food better and help calm down the immune response. Your next step would be to do testing and follow a non inflammatory diet.

Recommended Supplements For Psoriasis:

1. D3 and K2

D3 is a hormone that’s very important for your immune response! It’s so important that it can help down regulate the TH cells that we learned about, which are overactive in an autoimmune response. Lots of times people with psoriasis have low D3 levels. 15,000-20,000 IU’s a day is the recommence dosage for someone with this condition. You want to make sure your receptors are absorbing the vitamin D3, so this is why testing your levels are so important!

2. Tudca Bile Salts

This helps with the absorption of vitamin D3. It also helps break down your food! One major factor of psoriasis is not digesting food very well. Tudca Bile Salts help break down fats and will support the liver and the gallbladder in that process. It’s even better than ox bile which a lot of people take for gallbladder issues.

3. Cod Liver Oil

This fish oil has a high vitamin A and D count. It’s a great supporter of the immune system and vitamin A is great for skin health! The omega 3 count is great for your EDA DHA levels and helps as an anti inflammatory. The goal is to have about a 4:1 ratio with omega 6’s and omega 3’s but the average American has a ratio at around 20:1. This means almost every American is inflamed all the time just because of the fat ratio! Cod liver oil will help balance out that ratio and reduce inflammation.

4. Albizia

This is an amazing herb that reduces the overactive immune system response and histamine response. If you have never had a food allergy test or you are eating foods that you know you shouldn’t, this herb is highly recommended as it will help take stress off of the gut.

5. Turmeric

This an anti inflammatory root that works like ibuprofen except without the negative side effects! Studies show that turmeric is just as effective in terms of its anti inflammatory effects but more beneficial in terms of how well it is for your DNA restructuring and for your overall health.

6. Rehmannia

This is an adaptogen that helps your adrenals manage stress but also helps down regulate the TH cell response!

If you would like more information on how to receive these tests and plans, please contact our office via email, phone, or in person.