Top 5 Ways to Overcome Adrenal Fatigue

Notice the Symptoms

When people set health goals, many times they will say they want to increase their energy levels. When dealing with adrenal fatigue, you may experience moodiness, skin issues, hair loss, brain fog, and more. Adrenal fatigue can disrupt your immune response and weaken your body’s ability to handle stressors. Along with the immune response, adrenal issues can also affect your digestive system since every organ is interconnected. There are many signs of adrenal fatigue, but combating these symptoms is key.

Interconnected Systems

Your adrenal glands are vital organs that assist in proper hormone balance, including your energy. Adrenal glands also play a role when dealing with stress. Stress affects the body overall, whether it is emotional, chemical, or physical. If your adrenals are not functioning properly, stress can negatively impact your body even more. If you feel like your energy levels are not consistent throughout your day or you experience any symptoms of adrenal fatigue then these tips will assist in eliminating a mid-day crash.

Top Five Tips to Eliminate Adrenal Fatigue

1. Sleep

Make sure you are getting enough sleep at night, non-medicated. Make sure you are getting 7-9 hours minimum every night. Get to bed early so your body can get efficient sleep. Also, studies have shown 60-90 minute naps get your creative juice flowing within your brain. Naps can be positively effective to your overall day. Taking a 90-minute nap allows your body to be in a full REM cycle, which will avoid the grogginess you experience when you wake up.

2. Digestive Health

Inflammation within the gut can affect the adrenals immensely. When your body is constantly inflamed due to infection or diet, your adrenals will crash and stay in a fight or flight mode. Because every organ is interconnected, assisting your digestive health will also assist adrenals.

3. Food

Green cruciferous vegetables are vital to your adrenal function. These make your body detox properly and break down food. Also, adding adaptogenic herbs such as Rhodiola, CBD oil, and Ashwagandha will all assist your body in handling stress.

4. Movement

Movement is the key to life. You should be moving throughout your entire day for blood flow and hormone function. Exercising will also assist in proper hormone balance whether it’s high-intensity workouts, weight lifting, or simply walking every day.

5. Get Tested

Taking a DUTCH test, or a hormone test, will show exactly where the root of the issue is. When you get tested, you no longer have to play a guessing game. Everyone is created differently which means you cannot treat every case of adrenal fatigue the same. Testing is the most effective way to find the root cause.