Top 5 Back to School Tips

Almost Time

Going back to school this year will be different for everyone. There are many regulations in place on a day to day basis and there will be more than normal regulations for this upcoming school year. Most parents are wondering what this means for their child’s health. Children’s immune responses can be resilient. In order to protect and boost their immune response, there are several habits to implement. Everything from their backpack to the way they sit can be affecting their health.

Change is Coming

Due to everything going on in the world, there will be many shifts and changes within the school system. It is common to experience stress during unknown situations, but luckily there are several foundational tips to be sure of. It is important to keep your health a priority. Some kids will go part time, full time, or all online. In order to address all circumstances, here are the top tips for virtual and in person students going back to school.

Top Five Tips for Kids Going Back to School

1. Backpacks

Make sure your child’s backpack is suitable for their body. If a backpack is not tightened properly or is the wrong size, you can cause harm to  your spine over time. Also, be conscious of the amount of weight the bag is putting on your child’s body.

2. Elevate/Movement

While learning from home, make sure the device being used is elevated to eye level to encourage proper posture. Over time, looking down will affect the curve in your neck. Make sure the keyboard is close to you as well. Encourage breaks often to increase movement throughout a lesson online.

3. Mask

Depending on the regulations, if your child has to wear a mask make sure it is as breathable as possible. If this is something they wear constantly, make sure it is a toxic-free organic mask that will not further affect their health.

4. Wall Angels

Do wall angels with your child for three minutes every day. Stand against a wall with your arms out to the sides and press everything against the wall. Holding this for three minutes a day will retrain the body to have the correct spinal curve from potential situations throughout the school day that disrupt this.

5. Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care will overall boost your child’s health. Adjustments not only will assist in a healthy curve in their spine, but also boost their immune system. Adjustments eliminate interference to the body which allows the body to function and heal. From carrying backpacks all day to staring at computer screens, adjustments are a necessary health plan for kids in school.