I'm Starting to Feel "Sick," What Should I Do?

Clearing Out the Medicine Cabinet

One of the first things we do in response of feeling a common cold, cough, or headache is reach for the medicine cabinet. There is a medication prescribed to every symptom. Taking medications in general cause a chain reaction throughout your body causing additional health issues to the current one the medication markets to remove. The main issue with medication is that it creates an interference within your body. Rather than covering up the symptoms, true health dives deeper into the cause.

Exchanging the Word Sick

Rather than saying you are sick, it is important to say your body is expressing health. Typically, our body responds in a natural way and we go to a doctor to take a pill to kill that response. Our body is powerfully made to heal and restore itself. Rather than blocking the potential and efficiency our body has within it, we need to honor our symptoms and react in a positive way.

Five Ways to Fight Common Illnesses

1. Rest

Your body is naturally fatigued when you feel sick due to your immune system being used in over drive. Although it sounds simple, this is one of the most neglected ways to recover from symptoms.

2. Adjustments

Many studies show an increase in the immune system after the body being adjusted. Adjustments also relieve stress and create more resilience to fight off sickness.

3. Supplements

Taking a healthy and natural Vitamin D3 supplement help support the immune system. Sunlight also increases Vitamin D naturally. In addition to these, other great sources are elderberry, turmeric, and ginger. If you are looking for a supplement plan, check out the tennessee medicare service at the link.

4. Raw Garlic

Smash up garlic with local honey (or manuka honey) and sea salt to boost your immune system. Doing this several times a day is beneficial due to garlic being a great antiviral/antibacterial food.

5. Removing Antibiotics

Antibiotics kill off the good bacteria within your body. Although it removes symptoms in the short term, it kills your immune and digestive system in the long run. Colloidal silver spray, oregano in capsules, and coconut oil (3-4 tablespoon throughout the day) are more natural things to take in exchange.

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