Shift Your Thinking, Shift Your Health: Migraines

Two Different Routes

The medical route for migraines involves medication. The least effective way to cure migraines is medication. Medication not only harms the body further but also avoids the root cause of the issue. Most medical doctors test for tumors when dealing with symptoms of migraines. 1 out of 11,000 times there is a tumor present, which means 10,999 people are given medication without answers to where their migraines are coming from. Avoiding the normalized medical route is crucial for eliminating migraines. The majority of migraines are caused by interference within the body and when medication is used it adds to the interference. True health focuses on assisting your body to get back into a balanced state, or homeostasis, so it can heal and function properly on its own.

Individualized Care

Every person is different when it comes to health issues, including migraines. Some people can notice a change after one adjustment with chiropractic care and for others, they will notice over time. Some people need more intense correcting of the spine while also doing exercises at home to retrain the body. Others may need additional testing, such as a food allergy test or a hormone test. The main idea is everyone needs to be individualized when it comes to healing the body. However, there are tips you can start doing from home now that will ultimately lead to long-lasting change and work toward the goal of eliminating migraines once and for all.

Top Six Ways to Eliminate Migraines

1. Chiropractic Care

If you haven’t received chiropractic care, adjustments are vital to correcting the spine. It is equally important to stay consistent with care so the body is retrained to be properly aligned.

2. Magnesium

Many times migraines stem from the lack of minerals your body needs, especially magnesium. This creates muscle spasms in arteries which cause migraines. If you are deficient in magnesium, find a healthy source to supplement daily.

3. B12

Taking a high-quality B12 supplement may eliminate or reduce migraine activity. This is a safer way to reduce migraines rather than taking medication. If taking a supplement such as B12 takes care of migraines, then further testing will show an underlying issue such as digestion.

4. Desiccated Liver

Desiccated liver is high in iron and methyl groups that assist your body in detoxing. Desiccated liver supplements also assist in liver function. Taking a desiccated liver supplement or eating organic animal organs, such as chicken livers, will help assist your body into homeostasis.

5. Hydrate

Most of the time, migraines are caused by a lack of oxygen. Staying hydrated is an important part of this process. You can add a pinch of sea salt into your water for electrolytes and minerals that will replenish your body. Also, making sure your source of water is clean as opposed to being chemical-filled is another step to focus on in order to eliminate migraines.

6. Get Tested

Getting tested for food allergies or the state of your digestive system can directly show the underlying cause of your migraines. For example, a stool test can show digestive issues that affect blood flow and neurotransmitter health. You can also test hormones that can affect the blood flow to your brain causing a lack of oxygen, and as a result, lead to migraines.