Shift Your Thinking, Shift Your Health: Epigenetics vs. Genetics

Our Current Healthcare System

There is an overlying viewpoint of medicine our country currently operates in. These tactics are based on certain theories, observations, and philosophies. The foundation of our system has caused our country to fail at health in terms of healthcare, which is separate from our emergency care. We are the sickest country in the industrialized world, yet we consume 75% of the world’s medications. If a medication was the answer to our health, we would not be as sick as we are as a country.

The Germ Theory

The germ theory was founded by Louis Pasteur in the 1800s through a series of experiments and studies. The basis of this theory is that germs cause diseases. The term germ can mean anything from a bacteria to a microorganism. In this theory, if a germ gets into your body it will interact with your cells and take over causing you to become sick. There is the fear behind germs, whether you are healthy or unhealthy because germs are believed to cause disease. You can see this theory play out in today’s society by keeping a six-feet distance from one another and wearing a mask wherever people go. This theory is one way to view health, which ultimately will leave you following whatever the media or health care workers tell you to do. Germs are the enemy and something to be feared in this theory.

The Opposing Truth

Also in the 1800’s, another theory came about that contradicted the germ theory. Antoine Bechamp founded the terrain theory which stated the environment a germ is in ultimately decides the effect it has on the body. A germ itself is not to be feared, rather the state of your immune response should be the focus. This theory holds truth because it aligns with God creating your body to be powerfully and wonderfully made. The terrain theory focuses on overall health rather than treating the microorganism itself. There are 300,000 viruses just on mammals. There’s more microorganisms on you than there are human cell. If microorganism were the cause of disease, or what we should be afraid of, we wouldn’t exist anymore.

Epigenetics vs. Genetics

The current healthcare system, founded on the germ theory, supports the idea that you are a victim to your genes. Many people are told their body is ultimately based on whatever genes you were given from your parents. The genetic theory says your DNA is the driving force of your health, so if your parent had a genetic disease you will also obtain that disease. This is why people remove certain parts of their body to reduce the chances of them getting a specific disease. The truth, however, is that your environment decides whether you obtain a disease or not. Your genes may make you more susceptible, but epigenetics states the environment is the driving force of disease. If your body is strong, your chances of disease, such as cancer, are low to none since cancer is an adaptation to the environment it is given. Your environment is internal and external. All the chemicals, medications, and stress that we have around us are at an all time high. Our bodies are powerful in adapting to these environmental stressors. We have been taught since elementary school the nucleus. is the brain of every cell. Contrary to what has been taught, the cell membrane is actually the brain of the cell. Our own brain comes from the same area of our skin. The membrane of our body is our skin, or the availability to look and adapt to our environment. If the membrane is in a toxic environment, you are likely to reduce your health which creates space for disease. Ultimately, what philosophy you believe determines the direction of your health. Following the terrain and epigenetics theory will allow you to remove what is hurting your health to strengthen and reduce the chance of disease.

Top 3 Things Hurting Your Health

1. Thoughts

Your thoughts are actual proteins within the brain that take up space. If you are thinking toxic thoughts that are not healthy, you cause a cellular disruption within your own body. Your thoughts change your body at a cellular level. It is vital to prioritize your thoughts so they are healthy which ultimately keeps you healthy,

2. Toxins

Toxins are all around us from medications we take to the foods we eat. It is easy to allow toxins within the body from products within the home, skincare products, or solely pollution. When you remove these toxins you have control over, you remove stressors hindering your health. This eventually cleans up your body’s environment.

3. Trauma

Trauma can happen from a car accident. Regardless of when the trauma occurred, impact to your nervous system can cause your body to stay in a fight or flight mode which increases the stress within your body and deteriorates your health. Even birthing processes like a cesarean section can cause trauma to a newborn. This is why chiropractic care is vital to everyone’s health in order to remove interferences to the spine.