Shift Your Thinking, Shift Your Health: Chlorine Exposure

Diving In to Summer

The weather is nice and pools are beginning to open. Most people spend a large amount of time in pools during the summer. If you think about a pool right now, you can almost smell the scent of it. However, what is it you are smelling? Chlorine. While chlorine can be effective in killing bacteria and viruses, it can also be extremely harmful to your body. Your skin is the largest organ in your body. Long periods spent in the pool can be harmful to your body since your skin is also absorbing all the chemicals.

Negative Side to Pools

Chlorine is a chemical or toxin that is considered a carcinogen when exposed to large amounts. This means chlorine can potentially cause cancer. Chlorine can build up in your liver and attack the nervous system which can also affect other systems of the body. Chlorine is also a hormone disrupter, meaning it can disrupt the communication between your hormones creating an imbalance. Your hormones are in charge of organs, sleep, moods, cycles, and more. If you already struggle with these issues, limiting your exposure to chlorine can show great benefits throughout your body.

Top Five Ways to Reduce Chlorine Intake

1. Limit Time

Rather than skipping out on the pool, just be conscious of the amount of time you spend in it. There are many alternatives to water activities for the summer. Visit a local lake or beach that has natural water to play around in. Buy a slip and slide or sprinkler you can play in right in your yard. Purchase a blow-up pool and fill with water.

2. Hydrate

If you stay hydrated, your body will not absorb as much as the water you swim around in. Staying hydrated decreases the chemicals your skin will absorb and in return will have less harmful effects on your body. Bringing large amounts of clean water and drinking it consistently while at the pool is a great chlorine reducer.

3. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a great oil to put on your skin. Rather than putting other products with tons of chemicals, you know exactly what is going to be absorbed through the skin. Coconut oil is a great natural sunscreen option and also blocks the extra chemicals within the pool.

4. Pool Manners

It may seem obvious, but we have all seen a child or two do this. Remind your children to not drink the pool water. Not only can you overload on chlorine through your skin, but also drinking chlorine will cause more harm to your health.

5. Shower

Showering before and after the pool will help decrease chlorine intake. Showering before the pool hydrates your skin creating a natural blocker for absorption. Showering after the pool will wash away any chemicals. It may seem simple, but make sure you are prioritizing a shower.