Raising Health Conscious Children

Starting Somewhere

At Queen City Health Center, our goal is to empower you to become your own health expert. What that ultimately does is empowers your children to also be their own health experts. When you grow up in a health-minded home, the value of health will be in their minds as years go on. This is important for children because most of our health issues come from bad health habits as we were growing up. 

Never Too Late

Around 80% of how we do things in life is learned before we are eight years old. There is a plethora of information on health. Once you begin to see an actual transform in your own personal life, your children will see it as well. Kids learn through others’ behavior and what better gift to give them then to show them health-conscious decisions as they grow up. These tips may show up ten to thirty years down the road in their life, but they will be set up for success.

Top Five Ways to Raise Health-Conscious Children

1. Diet

One main thing you can eliminate for good out of your kid’s diet would be sodas and fast food. The amount of sugar and preservatives are detrimental to their health. There are plenty of alternatives to give your kids, like Zevia, that have low natural sugars. Not only eliminate these two things but also teach your kids why they aren’t consuming something harmful to their bodies.

2. Rest

This is one of the most important health factors. Make a routine for your kids to fall asleep early. If they are going to bed at 10 p.m. or later, it is setting them up for health issues. Put them down to sleep by 9 p.m. while also teaching them why sleep is important. Link it to having more energy for the following day to play.

3. Exercise

Create a screen time if your kids already play video games or watch TV. Begin to teach them that movement is the key to life. Exercise for kids can be fun for the family or as simple as shutting down electronics and telling them to run outside. Their movement is vital to their health, as well as yours.

4. Adjustments

It is never too early to get adjusted. All babies experience trauma to their bodies in the birthing process. As kids grow up, they continue to fall and bump their bodies up. Their body is resilient, but adjustments will eliminate any interference in the spine which will increase health factors such as sleep, energy, and focus.

5. Mindset

Focusing on your kid’s mindset is important. When you speak, be conscious of whether it is positive or negative. If you are always positive, your kids will learn to speak positively. If you are always complaining, your kids most likely will learn to complain. Teach them the positives in life that will automatically create a gratitude mindset in them. The mind and body connection is powerful and the way we think, whether positive or negative, actually affects our health.

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