A Key Nutrition Tip to Change the Way You Eat

There is a lot of great marketing out there with food. The hard thing is deciphering through which foods are truly healthy and nourishing for your body. We teach people to look for labels such as grass-fed beef or organic, however, some marketing words can be misleading.

An example of
figuring out if a food is healthy for you or not is to look for labels such as
organic certified and non-GMO. The extra tip to truly knowing what you are
putting into your body is quite simple.

What do you need to do? Read the ingredients.

Marketing can be
true to what they are projecting, but can also leave out additional ingredients
that will either add unnecessary sugars or flavoring that could potentially
affect your health.

3 Main Keys

  1. If you can’t read it, don’t eat it. If you are unsure of what an ingredient is or search online to find out it is a chemical or man-made food you should avoid it. It should also be 5 or less ingredients on the label. Make sure you are able to pronounce or know what every ingredient is.
  2. Stay away from artificial flavoring and added sugars. Even if it’s marketed as “natural flavors” it is important to know there are no regulations on the word natural in ingredients.
  3. The best ingredients will be labeled as organic in the ingredient section. Make sure the majority, if not all, ingredients are truly organic even when marketed as certified organic. Foreign countries organic standards are not strict like America, so if food is from China or Mexico it is not truly organic as labeled.