How To Take Care of Your Kids Without Medication

As parents, we often get scared and a bit frazzled when our kids experience any type of sickness. We get stuck in a bubble where we will do anything to help them and give them anything to block their symptoms so they will feel better. It is common for parents to run to antibiotics, Tylenol, cough suppressants, etc., but these medications can actually  make things worse in ways that cannot be seen at first. It doesn’t just go through their body; it effects their entire system. It can affect their body over time and cause long term gut issues, auto immune issues, and liver issues. We never want our kids to suffer, but there is a better way.

When your kids are sick, this is a very crucial time. You can either make one the biggest positive or negative impacts on their life based on what you do in these moments. I  want to encourage you to have faith that God made the body to heal itself. The body knows more about healing itself than any other thing man has created. Sometimes symptoms can be scary, but we have to let the body do its work. You’re either having faith in the medications or in the power that made the body to heal the body. So let’s talk about what you can do for your kids to support their body’s healing process!


When your child gets a fever, a reoccurring cough, starts throwing up, etc., this is their body expressing health. The body is created to do these things. A fever will kill the virus, coughing and throwing up gets the virus/bacterica out of the body. Do not be scared of these symptoms! We don’t ignore them either; we support the system. Help the body do what it needs to do to express health.


This is when their body goes into recovery and regenerative mode. Their immune system is boosted during this time of rest. Let them sleep as much as possible!


There’s a certain immune response that happens when we are fasting that takes it to the next level. When the body digests food, it takes away from the immune response. Try a day without food! If they do need something, give them organic bone broth. It’s high in nutrients such as sodium and and electrolytes. You can also give them an electrolyte mix in water that is free of synthetic sweeteners, sugars and natural flavors.


Although we suggest following this daily, if your kids are sick or are showing any type of mild symptom, it is a necessity to take the following out of their diet: sugar, food coloring, dyes, preservatives, gluten, dairy, soy, corn, and hydrogenated oils. Stick to only steamed vegetables, organic meats and bone broth. It will strengthen their body to have a better immune response.


We are not trying to take over the body with an antibiotic. The goal is to support the body! At the first sign of symptoms, get colloidal silver and squirt it in your child’s nose and then in the back of their throat. Let it sit and then wash it down. You can also do this with hydrogen peroxide. One of the most respected doctors on the planet, Dr. McMillian, recommends taking hygrogen peroxide, squirting it in your nose and letting it run down your throat as well as swishing it around in your mouth. After letting it sit there for about a minute, spit it out. These are two strong antivirals. It makes a huge difference getting that into your child’s body before any virus can get into their lungs.


These supplement will greatly boost your child’s immune system: Vitamin D3 (dosage example- 2500 IU’s for 2-4yrs old, 5000 for 5 yrs IU’s),  Vitamin C,  astragalus, elderberry, local honey (makuna honey), quercetin, zinc, and a multi vitamin with no sugar! All of these may not be needed but the three essentials are vitamin D3, vitamin C and a multi vitamin.

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