How to Help Improve Digestion

Our Personal Connection

Personally, Dr. Kyle Loveless grew up with a lot of digestive issues. Especially in high school, he started getting irritable bowel syndrome after taking a lot of pain medications. He was at the point where every day he played soccer he would be hunched over in pain. His stomach hurt so bad he couldn’t use the restroom. Everything hurt and he was in a constant battle with digestive issues. He tried everything from going to multiple doctors, taking over-the-counter medications, different supplements that he read about online, and it just seemed like nothing was truly helping.

Change Will Help

Have you personally dealt with digestive issues? Some examples of this would be bloating, abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhea, or all of the above. If you’ve dealt with these issues, it is obvious you would want to get rid of them. We have three changes you can make in your lifestyle and diet that will help your digestive system. These changes could help you use the restroom better, help you feel less bloated, or whatever symptoms might be going on. These will help you digest food better, lower symptoms, and more. The key to these changes is to continue learning and becoming your own health expert instead of relying on everyone else. Other doctors may give you a medication or tell you what’s wrong with your body, but you can become your own expert by continually searching for your root causes. We can help.

Three Changes to Improve Digestion


You need to remove gluten, dairy, soy, and corn when dealing with digestive issues. Our body doesn’t understand how to process these foods. They’re highly genetically modified foods in our world. There are multiple just different genetic makeups in our food system and they’re extremely hard for our body to digest and break down, specifically gluten. Gluten is a gummy substance we eat and our body doesn’t understand it. It looks at gluten and says, “Okay there’s an infection coming in.” So our body creates an immune response to the gluten, and our digestive system releases something called Zonulin. Zonulin helps gap the epithelial lining of our digestive system and allows things to get through the bloodstream. This creates an immune response to gluten so whether you have a major allergy to it or you have an autoimmune disease (like celiac) to gluten it’s causing health problems. If you’re constipated, you want to take gluten out as well as dairy. Dairy is very hard to digest. Highly pasteurized dairy has a lot of hormones and different chemicals within them. When you high heat dairy, you kill off a lot of the enzymes that help you digest dairy. For example, lactase helps you digest lactose but it gets killed off when you heat it and so you have a bunch of sugar which is why a lot of people are told they are lactose intolerant. The truth is, it is hard for all of us to break down dairy, soy, and corn. Along the same lines, corn isn’t a vegetable, it’s a grain. There is a reason you see it on the other end in the toilet because it isn’t digesting.


-Digest Well : This supplement is ultimately hydrochloric acid and apple cider vinegar. You can take apple cider vinegar by itself and you can take hydrochloric acid by itself, but we specifically like this supplement because it puts those two together. These two things together do an amazing job supporting the acid in your stomach. Your stomach acid is the starting point for digestion, so making sure you have good stomach acid is crucial.

-Albizia: Albizia is not necessarily a supplement, but it’s an herb and it’s sometimes called “the feel-good herb” because it also helps stimulate neurotransmitter activity. This herb not only makes you feel really good but also reduces your histamine response. If you’re eating foods that you’re allergic to, many times, your digestive tract will be calmed by this.

-Well-zyme Complex: This supplement contains broad-spectrum digestive enzymes that all your organs (like your pancreas, liver, and stomach) should produce. This supplement helps break down your food so if you’re constipated, it will assist bowel movement. With digestive issues, there’s almost always a linked issue to breaking down food. Wellzymes support the body by giving your body extra digestive enzymes. Take these every time you eat.

-Chamomile: Chamomile is so awesome as a a gut health supplement because it actually excites something called your goblet cells. Goblet cells are the cells in your stomach and your digestive system that produce a mucosal lining for bacteria. We talk about probiotics all the time for building good bacteria and improving your immune system so you can break down food to kill off viruses and bacteria in your food.


The spine encases the spinal cord and your brain sends signals to your spine through your spinal cord to the rest of your body to tell it to work. If the brain-body connection isn’t strong, you’re not going to be digesting food. If you’re in a constant stress response from physical trauma (ex. car accident) then these subluxations can cause problems in the spine. This physical stress puts the body into a fight or flight response which blocks your vagal response. This response helps you digest food and sleep. When we adjust the spine, we stimulate your parasympathetic nervous system which helps the body handle stress better and adapt to its environment.