How To Get Rid Of Pain

Systemic pain such as spinal pain, knee pain, back pain and arthritis affect people far too often. Many people search for years for remedy’s to fix pain like this but some have not found any success. Dr. Kyle has a passion for helping people get rid of this systemic pain and has had many years of success in doing so! Today he brings five different things that can help bring long-lasting freedom from pain that may have held you down for years.

5 Things That Help Get Rid Of Pain

1. Chiropractic Care: This is one of the most important things you can do for any type of pain. It’s what Dr. Kyle has seen work best out of anything! The reason there is pain in your body is because there is dysfunction in the joint which can then cause a dysfunction in the muscle. Chiropractic care helps because it gets that joint moving properly and gets it back into the correct alignment, resulting in the return of full function to the joint! Chiropractic care also works on the muscles to get rid of any trigger points and helps retrain the body so that you have long lasting results and not just a quick fix.

2. Turmeric, Fish Oil, CBD Oil: Taking these three supplements on a daily basis are known to tremendously help with pain. Turmeric is a strong non-inflammatory that helps control inflammation. Fish oil will supply your body with a good amount of omega 3’s which will help you at a cellular level and will also help reduce inflammation. CBD oil is an adaptogen that will help your body handle stress and will help reduce pain!

3. Change your diet: “How can changing my diet help with back pain?”, you may ask. Dr. Kyle shares a story about how he played soccer for 20+ years of his life and ended up having a lot of knee pain. After trying many things, he finally decided to clean up his diet and start eating grass fed meats, healthy fats and lots of vegetables instead of conventional meats, breads, pasta and grains. After about 3-4 months, his knee pain was completely gone! The foods you eat affect your joints and can either help your body heal or create pain and inflammation.

4. Sleep: Recovery is so important when wanting to get rid of pain! If you never give your body time to heal, it will never recover. It’s essential. Make a goal to get between 7-9 hours of sleep per night. This will be a game changer!

5. Movement: 90% of stimulation to the brain comes from the movement of the spine. Joints lock up and cause pain if they aren’t moving enough. If you want to feel good and have energy, keep your body moving! If you have to sit all day due to work, get a wobble cushion that you can sit on and move with throughout the day. You can get full range of motion in your spine. Get up and stretch or go out for a walk. If it hurts too much to move, beginning with chiropractic care will be best so we can get the joints moving so that over time it will be easier for you to move all day!

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