How To Detox Your Home

Detoxing your home is just as important as detoxing your body. Chemical stress can actually have the same effect on your body as emotional stress! There are so many toxic chemicals in many of the cleaning supplies, beauty products, and detergents that are sold today. Even our water and clothing are compromised due to toxins! As there are harmful chemicals all around us, there is no need to get overwhelmed or anxious about all that your body is exposed to. Our bodies are strong and God created us to be able fight against these harmful toxins, so trust Him with the things outside of your control and take charge of the things you can change.

When buying things for your household, ask yourself “is this going to help my body heal or will it add interference?”. This question is really something you can ask yourself when making all of your health decisions!

Listed below are the top 10 things to look for and make changes to in your household to create a toxin-free environment. This will relieve an immense amount of chemical stress off of your body and your body will have less interfernece in it’s healing process. Take this one step at a time. Remember, do not get overwhelmed. Start with what you can and it will make a difference!

Top 10 Things To Start Detoxing In Your Home

Cleaning products: Laundry and dish detergents as well as air fresheners release chemicals in the air! Many studies show that they can create asthma and respiratory problems because they  create inflammation in the lungs. A study shows that using Clorox in the home increases your child’s chance of having allergies and asthma by 75%! Go through all cleaning products and make sure they’re toxin free! Using something as simple as half water and half vinegar is a clean, useful cleaning agent.

Beauty products: This is huge! Especially for ladies.

Reduce plastics: Buy glass containers instead.

Cooking supplies: Cook with stainless steel, ceramic or cast iron. Stay away from Teflon as this can seep into food and is also released in the air.

Water: Get a water filtration system!  Clearly Filtered is one of the best options and can be taken with you when you travel.

Air: Get an air purifier! Look for mold in the home as well. Mold will disrupt everything if not taken care of.

Mattress and furniture: Get an organic mattress. Non-organic matresses release toxins while you sleep! Buy organic cotton sheets as well. When buying new furniture or rugs, cover them with baking soda and let sit, then vaccuum the baking soda before bringing it into your home. Wipe down surfaces with half water and half vinegar. This will absorb toxins on the furniture.

Buy EMF protectors and turn off WIFI at night.

Clothes and underwear: Buy organic cotton. There are many hormone disrupting chemicals in our clothing fabrics!

Candles/wall scents: Use essential oils or fresh flowers instead for a nice scent in your home.

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