How To Choose Your Health Provider

When picking out a health provider whether it’s a primary care doctor, acupuncturist, chiropractor, physical therapist, etc., one of the first things to look at is if you relate to this person and their mindset about life.  See if it’s someone that you actually want to spend your time with! You don’t want to go to a doctor that has a completely different mindset about life than you do. It can definitely be overwhelming when searching for someone to walk alongside you in your health journey during a time that the health care industry is under so much corruption, so Dr. Kyle wants to help by giving 5 practical things to look for when doing your research on who to choose for a health provider!

5 Things To Look For In A Health Provider

1. LEADERSHIP: Pick the doctor that is congruent with their message and lives the life that they teach. Choose someone who inspires you and someone you will look up to and want to follow.

2. PHILOSOPHY: Ask what their philosophy is when it comes to health. You first need to know your own, and then find someone who is going the same direction as you want to go in. There’s two different philosophy’s when it comes to health. The first is the belief that our bodies need external medical intervention from a doctor in order to heal. In other words, we heal from the outside in. Those that think this way turn to chemically filled medications for healing. The second philosophy is the belief that the body is powerfully made and needs no help healing; it just needs no interference. The body heals from above, down, inside and out. There is no external substance that can be given to heal the body and we have an innate healing power within the body that God placed there at conception.

3. ARE THEY A GOOD LISTENER?: Find a doctor that will listen to you. The more information they have about you the more they can help you. Also, this is a way to build trust. You want to be led by someone that you can trust with your health and the bridge to building that trust is finding someone who truly wants to listen to your needs.

4. IS YOUR DOCTOR ASSOCIATED WITH AN AGENDA? Questions to ask: Do they have to adhere to a higher power telling them to meet a certain quota each month or are they being influenced by pharmaceutical representatives on a regular basis? Do they get bonuses if you take certain tests or treatments? Pick a doctor that will work for you and not the industry that they’re in.

5. DO THEY TEACH YOU?: Find a doctor that will teach you. Doctors are truly meant to be teachers to teach you how to become healthy and to become your own health expert that will impact your future generations.

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