How Chiropractic Care Can Keep You Healthier During Your Golden Years

The number of people 65 and up is expected to double by 2030 due to the baby boomer generation and the extended life expectancy of Americans.  Whether you are near the age of 65 or you are pressing into your 30’s or 40’s, what you’re about to learn will apply to you and can literally save your future!

With the increased number of 65+ communities in 2030, health care costs are also expected to rise.  The current average cost of health care in the U.S. is around $10,000 per person/year. An increase of over 25% means a family of 4 should be prepared to pay $50,000 in medical bills a year in 2030. Forget saving for college and retirement; now most of us will have to start saving for health care costs if we don’t do something about this growing trend!

But there is good news. You can combat the rising costs of health care by staying as healthy as possible, and doing so is not as difficult as you might think. There’s a saying I often use to illustrate this need to my patients: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.  If you’re not taking any preventative measures to maintain your health, now is the time to start.

Not only will you save money in the long run; as an added bonus, your quality of life will increase.

Who doesn’t want to have more energy, sleep better, stay off medications and enjoy their favorite activities?

Here are 5 ways chiropractic Charlotte NC care can help you before and during your golden years:

#1: A Charlotte chiropractor can help you maintain a healthy fitness routine.

Movement is crucial to every cell, tissue and organ in your body.  As my mentor, Jack Lelane often says, “the moment you stop moving you’re dead.” When you stop doing physical activities, your bones begin to develop what I call cavities—a.k.a. arthritis/decay/degeneration. You also gain excess weight, your sleep is not as restful and disease processes start to develop. Seeing a chiropractor regularly can help you stay accountable for maintaining an exercise routine that will keep you healthier, longer.

#2: Chiropractic Charlotte NC are can help you maintain healthy nutrition.

Movement, chiropractic care and nutrition go hand in hand.  You need the proper building blocks to prevent disease, degeneration and arthritis, and also to fight bacteria’s and viruses! Chiropractic adjustments allow for cellular nutrition to get to your spinal cord, spinal discs, and bones—all of which are vital in maintaining proper health and optimal function in your body.

#3: Chiropractic adjustments stimulate brain activity.

The proper term for brain and nerve development is actually neural plasticity. Every chiropractic adjustment you or your kids have will encourage neural plasticity allowing for a higher brain function and helping to prevent diseases like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, dementia and other neurodegenerative disorders.

#4: Chiropractic Charlotte NC care strengthens your immune system.

Your body’s immune system is controlled by the central nervous system which is housed in your spine.  When it misaligns it can slow the immune system down allowing for coughs, colds, viruses and bacteria to proliferate. Every chiropractic Charlotte NC adjustment helps your immune system work as efficiently as possible.

#5: Chiropractic care reduces pain.

By far the most common reason for patients to see a chiropractor is pain. There are thousands of peer-reviewed studies, which serve as evidence that chiropractic Charlotte NC care reduces pain better than any pain killer or even surgery. Pain is also the number one reason patients visit their medical doctor. If you can stay in proper alignment through regularly visits to your chiropractor, you won’t have to worry about taking pain medications, battling their nasty side-effects, or having pain hold you back from enjoying life!

Again, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Make a point to invest one more effort into your prevention account each week: do an extra 10-minute workout, make an appointment at your chiropractor’s office, or eat more green vegetables. Every little effort makes a big difference.

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