Gallbladder Health: How Well Are You Breaking Down Fat?

It’s so important to know how well your body is breaking down fat! If your body isn’t able to use the healthy fats you’re consuming it can be a problem for your overall health; especially your hormones and your vitamin A, D, E, K absorption. It’s so normal now for doctors to recommend taking out the gallbladder if it has issues and most times do not even recommend what to eat after getting the procedure done. Something should be given to help break down fat if you don’t have a gallbladder anymore to perform that very important task! If after you eat a fatty meal you feel really sluggish and bloated, have acid reflux, do not have a gallbladder or you know someone that does not, this is for you!

Tips On The Right Way To Eat For Best Absorption

When we eat fat, we need to make sure it’s from a healthy animal; an animal raised the way God meant for it to be raised. When you cook the animal, make sure it’s cooked in a way that can be easily digested; not charred and burnt on the outside. Also while chewing, make sure you’re chewing thoroughly so that it’s already broken down enough so your body doesn’t have to do extra work. Being in a relaxed state helps as well because if we are in fight or flight response, the production of enzymes, bile salts, and stomach acid will not be produced in the way that it needs to. These things are produced when you’re in a relaxed state. Try the 4-7-8 breathing method before eating or another method that will help bring you relaxation before eating a fatty meal. The order in which you eat your meal matters as well. If you have steak and broccoli for dinner, because of the PH balance of the steak, eating this first will actually set your PH balance in your stomach to a better place for your stomach acid to break down the food so you can digest and absorb the nutrients rather than if you were to eat the broccoli first. Supporting your stomach acid will help with acid reflux, digestion and even constipation.

QUICK TIP: Having pain in between your shoulder blades that shoots up into your neck and causes headaches can actually be a sign of gallbladder issues! You can reach under your rib cage and massage for a few minutes and this can get the gallbladder activated to flush some things out and help that pain go away.


Because stomach acid is out of alignment for most people, it is recommended to take Betain HCL and Apple Cider Vinegar to actually increase stomach acid. It’s important to do this before eating! Bile salts and digestive enzymes are two more great things to take for gallbladder issues or acid reflux because it helps break down the fat, protein and carbohydrates that you’re eating. It’s also recommended to take these before a meal. Different foods you can add into your diet is sauerkraut (has great enzymes and good bacteria), ginger (helps motility and overall movement of the GI tract), and aloe vera juice (helps calm the GI tract). Stick to steamed vegetables instead of raw and even try puréeing your veggies if you’re having extreme issues. It’s easier to break down and causes less stress on the GI tract!

Trying these things can be very effective in getting off medications, preventing gallbladder issues and supporting your body’s fat breakdown if you’ve had your gallbladder removed. Breaking down food properly is crucial for your overall health in terms of getting rid of viruses, bacteria, and breaking down protein and carbohydrates so your body can use them. Having poor bile and stomach acid is extremely unhealthy and you will not get the nutrients from your food that you need and will have vitamin deficiencies if something does not change. It’s important to put these things into practice and if you need extra care, we are more than happy to meet with you and discuss further steps you can take!

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