Flu Vaccine, Aluminum, and Alzheimer's

“Make Sure You Get Your Flu Shot”

The Journal of the American Medical Association did a study in 2005 to see if there was effectiveness in giving elderly patients living with a non-medical home care service the flu vaccine. Their conclusion found no effectiveness in these patients preventing the flu with or without home care services, however that doesn’t mean home care services aren’t an ideal option for the elderly, it may be the only reason why they feel better than without them. The issue this study brought to the surface was exposing the number one recommendation given by the medical industry. We have become numb to consistently receiving the vaccination and ultimately do not educate ourselves on what it truly is.

Unifying Perspectives

It is evident that there are two sides on whether to get vaccinated or not. The most concerning fact, however, is the lack of true safety studies done on vaccinations as a whole. While injecting the vaccine in your body, you are also exposing yourself to Aluminum. The reasoning for vaccines’ containment of Aluminum is to illicit an immune response.   This immune response down-regulates the immune system so the virus or bacteria can enter into the body and the body creates the anti-bodies to fight the disease you are vaccinating against. In fact, studies prove when injecting Aluminum into the blood stream, specific cells are sent to digest the aluminum. These cells pass the blood brain barrier to the brain. When Aluminum makes it to the brain, it can cause many mental disruptions and inflammation.

The Connection

However, each of our bodies are capable of handling a certain amount and work to eliminate it through detoxification but all bodies detoxify at their own rate some slow some fast.  The problem lies when we freely administer Aluminum into our bodies through several channels and it becomes overloaded. Scientific studies have proven the correlation between the presence of Aluminum creating the presence of Alzheimer’s and autoimmune diseases . There is a direct correlation between the two.

Shifting Perspectives

We have to change the perspective we have on vaccinations. When you step outside of the story we have been told, it changes things. Knowing a vaccine is an unknown mixture of chemicals being injected into your body, with no safety research done, we should start to question things. We have been numbed to believe everything told to us is okay because we trust our doctors. The issue with this way of thinking is being susceptible to harming you and your family’s body time and time again. When we change our thinking, we can change the power given to the social authority called medicine. The medical industry has been funded by the pharmaceutical companies, which took away from our homeopathic approaches. When looking back in our society, you will recognize an increase of homeopathic doctors and a decrease in medications.

It’s Never Too Late

Rather than debating, spend the time researching vaccinations and effects. Don’t solely research short term effects, but also research the long term effects. It is not a matter of right or wrong, it is a matter of facts. If you’re looking for a place to start after researching for yourself, start with no longer receiving the flu vaccine. Find resources to research from such as The Journal of Medicine or elite scientists who have dedicated their life’s work to understanding these issues. We need to get back to our roots of healing and believing our body is powerfully and wonderfully made. It does not need help healing, it just needs no interference. None of these tips will harm your body, it will only help. Even if there are further steps needed to be done, starting off with healing the gut from home simply will put your gut health in the right direction. There are always more ways to improve your gut health. Taking enzymes with each meal will support the digestion of food. Eliminating digestive system medications and replacing them with a non-inflammatory diet which eliminates foods such as pasta, rice, grains, and sugars. And lastly, chiropractic care help stimulate your parasympathetic nervous system and relax the digestive system. Adjustments help remove stress interfering with your ability to heal from the inside out.

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