Ending Eczema, Psoriasis, and Acne

The Body’s Largest Organ

Let’s dive into our skin. Your skin is one of the largest organs in your body. Unfortunately, a lot of people are dealing with dermatology issues. Babies, toddlers, teenagers, and adults deal with issues like eczema, psoriasis, and acne. The medical route guides you toward steroidal creams, steroids, medication, and other harmful things that have a larger negative impact on the current issues your body is experiencing. This approach relies heavily on consistently using creams or medication to make sure the skin issue does not arise. We have a different approach that allows your body to heal from the inside out, meaning it has the power to heal itself without having to rely on medication for the rest of your life.

Individualized Plan

Through the years of studying skin issues and working with patients, we have found the most common root cause stems from a digestive issue. The root cause of skin issues is also unique to each individual. Not only could it be a digestive issue, but also could be caused by other areas of the body such as your liver. When your skin shows symptoms, this is your body signaling something is wrong internally. Inflammation within the body can also be expressed through eczema, acne, or psoriasis. Because there are multiple reasons for these symptoms to show, we make it a priority to personalize a plan to heal the root cause. To learn more about this condition and the treatment you should take, visit myeczemarecovery. However if you are actually running a clinic for these types of treatments then consider using something like Medical Spa EMR to keep everything organized.

Top 4 Steps to Eliminating Skin Issues Long-term

1. Consultation

Schedule a consultation with us to begin your journey to heal your skin. We will look at your personal life and symptoms and plan accordingly to a plan that will work for you. You may have similar symptoms to others, but your body is so unique that it requires a personalized plan. We will evaluate your body, stress, environment, and more when you consult with us.

2. Food Allergy Test

We do not like to guess in our office, we prefer to test. When you take a food allergy test, you will be able to automatically remove the foods your body flares up over. Food alone can be causing these skin issues, so it is crucial to find out which foods your body is allergic to so you can reduce symptoms and inflammation.

3. Microbiome Test

Further testing would include a stool test to determine the state of your microbiome. Many times we see an overgrowth of yeast. Yeast issues are expressed through the skin and need to be addressed with supplementation, diet, and lifestyle changes. Many times yeast issues come from an imbalance of good bacteria and bad bacteria found in the gut.

4. Remove Stressors

Removing the stress in your environment is vital to avoid these symptoms from flaring back up. Stress can be chemical, physical, and emotional. Chemical stressors, such as household cleaners and air fresheners, can add stress to your body and in return cause more skin issues. Physical stressors could be increasing the amount of movement you do in a day. And emotional stressors are something that is just as important to care for and manage because your body views all stress the same.