Electrolytes and Overall Nerve Health

Electrolytes play a crucial role in conducting electrical impulses in our bodies, including those that regulate our nervous system. It’s true that many people today are deficient in electrolytes due to various factors such as excessive caffeine consumption, high levels of stress, and inadequate hydration. Our modern water systems also tend to lack essential electrolytes due to the purification processes involved. Drinking water from natural sources like streams and springs can indeed provide a good supply of electrolytes. However, it’s not always practical for everyone to have access to such sources. That’s where electrolyte mixes come in handy!

Electrolyte Support

The brand Needed has an amazing hydration support mix that Dr. Kyle recommends. Even though it is marketed for pregnant women, it contains beneficial electrolytes such as magnesium, chloride, sodium, potassium, and trace minerals. Something special about this mix is that it doesn’t include natural flavorings, additives, extra sugars, or synthetic sweeteners! Jigsaw is another great brand that offers an electrolyte mix that you will find beneficial.

Incorporating electrolyte supplementation into our daily routine at least once a day is extremely important for our overall health. For individuals who exercise intensively or consume a lot of coffee, twice a day may be more suitable. By replenishing electrolytes regularly, we can support our nervous system and overall body function!

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