Dr. Holly Selected for SmartCEO's Charlotte 2016 Brava Awards!

We at Queen City Health Center are excited and proud to announce that Dr. Holly was selected as a winner for SmartCEO’s Charlotte 2016 Brava Awards!

This award celebrates high-impact female business leaders in 3 categories: CEOs, Executive Directors of Nonprofits, and C-Suite Executives. As a female leader impacting the health of Charlotte citizens each and every day, Dr. Holly definitely deserves this very prestigious honor.

As a winner, Dr. Holly and Queen City Health Center will be profiled in the September 2016 issue of Charlotte SmartCEO Magazine, as well as on

We wanted to take a minute to recognize Dr. Holly for all of her hard work right here on the QCHC blog, and to say congratulations! We also wanted to feature an excerpt from her Brava Award application, as it really demonstrates her heart for her community and the health of those she serves:

What serves as your inspiration? (i.e. a life/educational experience, a book, a hardship, etc.)

I have been a lifelong advocate of health and wellness. Ironically, this stems from horrible experiences as a child in the traditional healthcare system. I can remember screaming and crying while being held down to receive shots that left me fearful and traumatized. I was constantly sick, battling sinus infections and respiratory issues, and taking medications that never truly corrected the problems, but instead left me fatigued, congested, and sleepless at night.  I was determined that there had to be a better, healthier way to live. I immersed myself in educational pursuits to learn about health, nutrition, and the body—how it functions physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I started to follow common-sense principles like eating nutritious food, exercising properly, detoxifying my cells from previous exposures to chemicals, and aligning my spine to optimize nervous system function.  After three years, I began to see massive changes in my energy and health, and developed a deep desire and passion for helping others experience the same transformation. My own experiences of seeing how natural, holistic care can change a person’s health and life continues to fuel me every day as I meet with new and existing patients at Queen City Health Center. We take a truly unique approach to health, focusing not only on chiropractic, but also on maximizing your mind, nutrition, and fitness, as well as minimizing toxins to result in whole-body health and wellness. I continue to be encouraged by the testimonies of my patients who have experienced positive results as well.

Describe a significant challenge/obstacle you’ve had to overcome in your personal and/or professional life. What lessons did you learn as a result? 

I started with virtually nothing. After graduating college, I was broke and had mountains of student debt. I was also living at a friend’s house. It’s easy to get discouraged in a situation like that. It’s easy to tell yourself that you won’t succeed—that you can’t succeed because you don’t have the financial and material resources necessary to overcome all obstacles. But when you’re just getting started as a doctor (or in any profession for that matter), it’s really feast or famine. Sink or swim. You either have to go all in, which usually involves a great amount of risk, or you’ll fail. For me, failure was not an option. I believe my passion for instilling healthy habits in people and helping them to change their lives is really what drove me to succeed. It’s always been about serving other people. I learned from the beginning that people matter more than profits. This is a principle that many in the health field could benefit from adopting, whether you’re a conventional medical doctor or a holistic naturopath. Your people—including your patients, your employees, your partners, and your mentors—are more important than making an extra dollar, even if you are in a time of need. You will succeed when you’re willing to help someone else succeed first, and that has always been my goal. In my field, success is defined my many factors. It’s not just about succeeding in business. It’s about achieving optimal health and wellness and building quality relationships as well.

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