Chiropractic Care for Babies, Toddlers, and Teenagers

Why it Matters

Why would you need your teenager, child, or infant need to get checked by a chiropractor? There are lots of reasons. Getting them evaluated, checked, and corrected as early as possible will assist their boy to function at its optimum ability. Chiropractic care will also elevate any minor or major symptoms they may be experiencing as well as avoid any future symptoms they could experience. 90% of the stimulation and nutrition to the brain comes from the movement of the spine. If there are outward symptoms, then we need to look inward.

Overall Importance

The importance of chiropractic care has everything to do with your spinal health. Your spinal cord runs within the spine. On the sides of your spine, all of your nerves come out of it. Chiropractically, we assure that the spine stays completely straight from the front to the back to avoid distortion of the spine and pressure on the nerves that are within it. We also check for rotation of the spine or forward posture that could also block or pinch the nerves connected to that area of the spine. Every nerve carries out to a different area of your body, so when a nerve is being affected within the spine it could also be affecting certain areas throughout your body.

Top 3 Reasons Your Children Should be Checked

1. Infants

When babies are born naturally, they come out with 80 pounds or more of pressure on their spine and cranium. Even c-section births cause pressure on a baby’s spine when their heads are pulled out sideways, which can twist the neck and rotate their necks sideways. Because babies weigh so little, this amount of pressure can affect their spine drastically. Infants can have symptoms of colic, allergies, constipation, and more which can tell us their spine has been disrupted.

2. Toddlers

Children fall about 1,300 times before the age of two. You can imagine being pushed off the couch or falling on the playground, this many times in that period. Toddlers experience shifting of their spine and bones during these years while learning to crawl and walk the most. Because of these impacts on their body, their spine can easily be affected. Just a tiny shift in a child’s spine can impose on their nerves. Correcting their spine will improve development and overall health as they grow.

3. Teenagers

Many teenagers may complain of headaches, digestive issues, sleep deprivation, lack of focus, and so much more. Imagine the impact on their spine from birth to their teenage years never being corrected. It’s all about letting your body function on the inside so the rest of the body can heal like it is supposed to. For teenagers, we give a spinal evaluation to make sure they have the proper curves in their necks. We check the spine to see if things are distorted or straight. Especially with the vast use of technology, we commonly see forward head posture that can cause many symptoms such as migraines and headaches.