Can Psoriasis Be Cured?

Though inflammation seems to be causing the problem of psoriases, it is also what heals our bodies. Inflammation is actually a good thing. We don’t want to block inflammation from happening, but this is actually what most medications for psoriasis does. Instead of these medications, the approach that Dr. Kyle recommends is to actually figure out why your body is creating a chronic inflammatory response. This is the question we want to be asking because our body is made to heal itself. It doesn’t need help healing, it just doesn’t need any interference.

Unfortunately, our bodies can get stuck in this process of having to overreact to so many different stressors that are coming into it. This can be chemical stress, physical stress or emotional stress. With all of these combined, our bodies tend to respond with that inflammatory response because it can only take so much. The heart rate goes up as well as blood pressure, cortisol levels and cholesterol levels. In this process, the thyroid starts to slow down and your adrenals go up which then creates a lower hormone production. Digestion and reproduction is also slowed down when all of these things occur! In the moment of having a fight or flight response this is a good thing but if you’re continually in that state, your body doesn’t have the chance to convert the cortisol into cortisone which is what brings inflammation in the body back down and pulls the body out of the fight or flight response. When your body is in homeostasis, this is when it starts to heal itself.

Can You Cure Psoriasis?

In reality, we do not need to cure anything in our bodies. To cure something is a medical myth. You want your body to be in balance and able to heal itself. If your body goes back out of balance, psoriases will more than likely just come back as your body responds to the stressors it’s experiencing. So instead of seeing it as curing psoriases, or any other sickness or disease, the better perspective is find how we can get your body back into balance so that it heals itself.

While you’re getting your body back into balance, no matter how hard it is, try to forget about your symptoms in terms of whether something that you’re doing is working or not based on if the symptoms go away. Focus on the things that will get your body into a place where it can heal itself. Some of those things would be eating healthy foods, taking a food allergy test and stay away from foods that cause inflammation in your body, work with your body to see how well you digest foods, steam your vegetables instead of eating them raw, eat organic vegetables, organic grass-fed meats that have been raised how they were meant to be raised, eat healthy portions, and take liver and organ meats along with other recommended vitamins and supplements. If you’re doing all of these things that are good for your body but your psoriasis isn’t going away, it  doesn’t meant that those things aren’t working, it just means that you don’t yet have the full picture of what’s going on in your body. The puzzle hasn’t yet been completed. It’s not that you need more vitamin C or vitamin D for example, but we just need to keep investigating. We can help you find out what more may be going on. It can be different for each person so that’s why every individual needs to find what’s best for  their body.

We can help you look for what may be causing constant stress on your body that’s creating continuous inflammation. We can look at your diet, your emotional health, physical health, chemical health, your sleep, and your mindset. Some examples of what this looks like is investigating whether or not you may be exposed to mold, have amalgam fillings in your mouth, if you’re stuck sitting at a computer all day, are surrounded by toxic people in your life, and if you’re exposed to chemicals every day such as Lysol, Clorox, toxic beauty products, etc.

There IS hope and you CAN get your body back into balance with continuous work and investigating. Always remember that health is a continuum, not a destination.

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