Can My Posture Affect My Immune System?

Many people may wonder, “how does my posture have anything to do with my immune system?”. Your nervous system, your brain and your spinal cord are actually intricately connected to your immune system. The most recent studies actually show that they are one! Years ago we thought that the brain was one thing on its own and then the immune system along with other systems of the body were something entirely different but what doctors are finding is that the nervous and immune system are one with each other! An example to show this is that many people who have a stroke and lose part of their brain function can get sick much easier with things such as bacterial infections. It’s a part of the nervous system’s response that stimulates the adrenals and immune factors that actually keep us strong.

Your brain controls your immune system! For your brain to be connected to the rest of your body it has to go down your spinal cord. If your spine is in the correct alignment, it’s going to be relaxed and will not have constant physical stress and every joint will be able to move properly. However, many things in life affect our spine such as being on a computer all day, car accidents, looking down at cell phones, sleeping on your stomach, carrying heavy back packs, etc. These things can really damage our spine and posture. Physical stressors such as these as well as chemical and emotional stressors all impact the nervous system which then suppresses your immune system. So, your posture definitely affects your immune system in a massive way!

What Can I Do?

Chiropractic adjustments can get your spine back into alignment but your postural muscles also needs to be retrained so that you will be able to keep the correct posture needed to keep your spine from constantly experiencing physical stress. Retraining these muscles is part of the care we give here at Queen City Health Center. Being intentional with consistent adjustments combined with retraining your postural muscles at home will affect your immune system in a positive way and it will be become stronger every day! YOU will become stronger every day.

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