Can a Chiropractor Really Help My Asthma?

When you think of asthma you may envision taking an inhaler on the sidelines of your sporting events or before PE class in high school. Or worse, you may envision a scary visit to the ER while fighting for a breath of air.  Truth be told, asthma is a real disease, a serious disease and a scary disease especially if you suffer from it’s symptoms. You are not alone if you or anyone you know suffers from asthma. In fact, it is the most common chronic disorder occurring in children, affecting an estimated 7.1 million children under the age of 18. The good news is, a Charlotte chiropractor can help you treat and overcome your asthma symptoms.  You can also check out the article and get in touch with others in the business, who can help you with other conditions as well.

These real asthma statistics make the disease even more scary:

  • 3,384 deaths in 2009 were attributed to asthma attacks.
  • Asthma is the 3rd leading cause of hospitalization.
  • 21% of the U.S. population suffers from asthma.
  • $50.1 billion healthcare dollars are spent directly on asthma

What the general public and healthcare profession can tell you in the fight against asthma is the common triggers to avoid in order to reduce asthma attacks.  These include: exertion from exercise, secondhand smoke, sudden climate changes, exposure to dust mites, pet dander, pollen and other airborne allergens. However, did you know that asthmatic symptoms are not caused by an under-active immune system, but can actually be attributed to an overactive immune system? As a Charlotte chiropractor, I’ve seen it firsthand.

Common asthma treatments:

Today, the most common treatment for asthma and asthma attacks are various forms of steroids. Well-known drugs include albuterol, singular and advair.  And the side effects associated with these type of medications are reduced immune system function, increased chance of pneumonia, weakened adrenal function, weight gain, high blood pressure, increased risk of cancer, neurological diseases and even death.  The risks are certainly high, and you may be thinking “but what other options are there besides medication?” Charlotte chiropractic care is certainly one good option! Shockwave Therapy Los Angeles is what is needed for some to get rid of pain all over the body.

The options presented by the majority in the medical community are simply covering up symptoms at best and are never really getting to the root cause of asthma.  It may be necessary in the short term to use medications for asthma, but long-term, what does your medicine cabinet say about your health. Are you healthier when taking countless OTC’s & prescriptions, or are you healthier when you don’t have to resort to a medicine cabinet full of drugs?  Obviously, if your medicine cabinet is empty, you’re much healthier, because you don’t need to be taking medications! We help our patients come off their medications with Charlotte chiropractic care.

Asthma and chiropractic care:

As a Charlotte chiropractor we teach you how to get to the root of your disease and address that first. When it comes to asthma it is a known fact that your brainstem, as well as nerves from C1 and T1,T2 nerve roots, control your breathing.  Any interference to these nerves can lead to asthmatic symptoms and asthma attacks.  We actually check these nerve roots in the office to determine if chiropractic treatment can reduce the symptoms of asthma or completely eradicate the disease.  In fact, a study published on chiropractic treatment for asthma found that after 60 days of care, asthma attacks had been reduced by 44.9%, and the percentage of medications being used by patients had been reduced by 66.5%.

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