Bacteria, Fungi, and Viruses: How to Protect Yourself Naturally

Our God-Given Mask

There is only one thing you need to prevent your body from getting a virus or infection. A mask, social distancing, and washing your hands will not keep you from getting a virus. The one thing that matters is having a strong immune response. Rather than having an immune system, your body’s immune response requires all systems to work together. Every organ within the body is intricately connected. The strength of your immune response determines how well your body will fight off a bacteria, virus, or infection. A healthy immune response involves coughing, sneezing, vomiting, and more. These symptoms are a healthy expression of your body’s way to get rid of anything invading the body. The normal medical philosophy would give medication to cover up the symptom. In reality, suppressing your body’s expression will only cause further health issues. If you experience any of these symptoms it is important to allow your body to express the symptoms rather than suppress them.

Innate Immune Response

To understand your innate immune response, you need to understand which parts of the body are involved. Your skin is an essential part of your innate response. The acidity on your skin can determine whether certain bacteria or viruses enter the body. To have a balanced acidity, you need healthy bacteria to live on the skin. The increased use of anti-bacterial soap, or disinfectants, used on the skin decreases the number of healthy bacteria which weakens your innate immune response. The natural bacteria living on your skin, within your microbiome, have natural anti-viral and anti-fungal effects. Fungi, bacteria, and viruses were made to live symbiotically with one another to keep a healthy balance within our body. An example to understand why and how a virus can take over our body would be a dying tree. If you have ever seen a dying tree, you would also see fungi and bacteria growing all over. Due to the weakened nutrition within the tree, the fungi and bacteria can flourish. This same concept applies to our bodies when our immune response is weak.

Adaptive Immune Response

If your innate response fails to eliminate the bacteria or virus, you have a second defense system called your adaptive immune response. This begins to activate if it reaches your bloodstream. When a virus, fungus, or bacteria enters the bloodstream your body automatically has antibodies it has built up over the years to remove interference. Your adaptive immune response forms as soon as the time of birth. When children are born from vaginal birth and begin to breastfeed, antibodies are being transferred from the mother to the child. As children grow up, the more infections they encounter reduces the chances of cancer in adulthood. This is due to your body’s adaptive immune response creating antibodies to fight off various infections and increase its strength.

An Unnecessary Fear

Viruses are the most abundant microorganism on the planet. If they were out to kill us, we would not survive this long as a total population. There are over 300,000 viruses on mammals alone. We are constantly surrounded by viruses daily, yet remain to go on with a normal day. A mask does not have small enough holes to protect our mouths from contacting viruses. Viruses can make it through masks considering their size can only be seen microscopically. If the virus is near your mouth, whether you wear a mask or not, you will contain the virus. Due to your two-fold immune defense, the virus itself should not give you fear. The main focus should always be on improving the strength of your immune response. There are several ways to stay focused on how powerfully and wonderfully made you are rather than living in fear daily.

Top Five Ways to Strengthen Immune Response

1. Sleep

Making sure you get enough sleep every night determines the strength of your immune response. Women need 8-10 hours per night while men need 7-9 hours.

2. Remove Stressors

Eliminating stressors such as preservatives, sugars, GMO, and more in the foods you consume will allow your immune response to solely focus on fighting off interference.

3. Adaptogens

Adding in adaptogenic herbs such as Astragalus or Ashwagandha will assist your immune response by helping your body get back into homeostasis, or a balanced state.

4. Water and Oxygen

Getting enough water and oxygen is vital. With mask regulations, 5G towers, and more our oxygen is affected daily. Take intentional time to do breathing exercises and hydrate regularly.

5. Chiropractic Care

Getting regular chiropractic adjustments increases your CD4 count. Your CD4 count determines how strong your immune response will be to a virus, bacteria, or fungus within your body.