5 Supplements Everyone Should Take

Individualized Plans

One of the most common questions we get in our office is, “what supplement should I take?” This is a great question because we believe that supplements can be very valuable. However, supplements are a very individualized thing similar to diet. There is a reason you may not get the same results you see advertised for certain diets, supplements, and plans.

In our office, we don’t guess.. we test. We offer multiple different tests that give us a range of insights into your individualized health. These tests can indicate whether or not you should be eating certain foods or taking certain supplements. For example, we offer a food allergy test that can indicate which foods your body negatively reacts to. If you have an allergy to cod and are taking an Omega supplement with cod as the main ingredient, this would be an indicator to change the type of supplement that works best for your body. Here are the top supplements everyone could benefit from across the board.

Five Supplements Everyone Should Be Taking

1. Vitamin D3

We all have been told at one point or another that Vitamin D3 is crucial. We need this vitamin for good immune health. It also plays a key role in several processes our body goes through. Vitamin D3 affects processes such as liver function and hormone production. Most people are deficient in D3 due to the lack of being outside. At a minimum, 5,000 IUS a day for adults and 2,500 IUS for children are needed.

2. Omega 3

This is great for kids and especially for babies. You want to get a supplement that has a higher amount of DHA in it, like a cod liver oil from Nordic Natural. They have a higher DHA count which is good for brain function. EPA and DHA fatty acids are essential for every cell in our body. We don’t get enough of it from other food sources, other than fish. So if you’re someone that wants to eat fish twice a day every day, then a supplement wouldn’t be necessary. But most people do not eat fish this frequently. Again, certain tests can suggest the type of omega-3 oil you choose. Overall, this is essential for your health.

3. Nutrient Dense Supplement

There are supplements with nutrient-dense food in supplement form. We aren’t talking about these green drinks with tons of different vegetables and fruits in them (the main reason is the number of foods there are in these green drinks). There’s a good likelihood that you’re not going to do very well with every single one of the ingredients. Your body might have an allergic response to some of those foods. What we recommend is something very small, like Wellness Way Greens from The Wellness Way. It’s only three ingredients: kale, wheatgrass, and broccoli. They are all very powerful foods for nutrients and for helping the liver get rid of toxins. We also like to recommend for women, especially cyclical women, spirulina.

4. Electrolytes

It is important to have an electrolyte mix or electrolyte drink (we don’t mean go get Gatorade). In our world today, between the amount of caffeine that we drink and between the amount of stress that we have, electrolytes are very depleted in our body. We are talking about magnesium and potassium. Electrolytes are things our body needs to function. Just make sure there’s not a bunch of other added ingredients, food dyes, natural flavors, or sugars. If you’re someone that doesn’t like to take a bunch of stuff then take a pinch of Celtic Sea Salt twice a day.

5. Mushrooms/Adaptogens

The last supplement that we recommend is mushrooms and adaptogens. We live in a very high-stress world and all of us could use a little bit of support to our adrenals. Adaptogens powerfully support the adrenals. So adaptogens like Ashwagandha or Rhodiola are great, as well as mushrooms like cordyceps. These will help your body maintain its homeostasis state. When your body is in homeostasis, it can function and heal at its optimum ability.