3 Ways We Can Help Digestive Health

Symptoms of Poor Digestive Health

A lot of our patients might not come into our office specifically for digestive issues, but we often find out they are dealing with one. Common signs we hear about digestive issues are having bowel movements once a week or even only once every other day. A healthy bowel movement should occur at least once every day. Other signs include bloating, constipation, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and more. There are many terms for digestive issues such as acid reflux and gastritis. The good news is our office deals with these underlying issues differently than the classic medical approach.

A Different Approach

When dealing with digestive issues, you want to figure out what is causing it. Most of the time, people dealing with digestive issues seek doctors and in return are given medication. Medication only prolongs the underlying issue and can worsen the root cause while simultaneously causing other issues within the body. Medication is also used as a bandaid to cover up symptoms, rather than treat the cause. 85% of our neurotransmitter activity is caused by our gut. And for this reason, our focus and value are different than the normal route to heal your body from the inside out.

Top 3 Paths We Take to Solve Digestive Issues

1. Spinal Testing

Your brain controls digestion. If your brain to the digestive area of your body isn’t strong, you could remain stuck in a fight or flight stress response which only worsens digestive issues. When we are stressed, our body doesn’t digest food; our body is focused on trying to survive. From chiropractic care alone, it is possible to eliminate issues such as acid reflux after following your protocol to correct any stressors within the spine.

2. Stool Testing

Stool tests alone can tell us a lot about your microbiome. With this test, we can tell what good bacteria your gut has. We would be able to tell if there is an infection within the gut, such as yeast overgrowth or parasite, that can be causing certain symptoms throughout your body. When we evaluate these things at a higher level, we see what you specifically need to do to get your digestive health back on track.

3. Hormone Testing

Hormones are important for many reasons, but one main reason being 85% of your immune system is affected by the gut. When hormones are imbalanced, or our immune system is weak, our body could show a variety of symptoms. We do not like to guess what the underlying issue is, we test. For this reason, when experiencing symptoms of digestive issues, we check for hormone imbalance. When our hormones are imbalanced, our body’s focus on regulating and processing hormones can take away from digestion. Certain foods affect our hormones as well, so testing out your hormones could be a good evaluation for finding the underlying cause.