3 Tips For Strengthening Your Immune System

Worldwide Concern

Everyone in the world right now is concerned about their immune system. We assume this because of everything that’s happening with health, whether that be COVID or weak immune systems. What we found is that so many patients are coming in asking the question, “How do I strengthen my immune system?” There are so many different answers online. You could buy every supplement suggested in the world and a lot of them might help your immune system. However, we are going to give you our educated advice on four major things you should do (in terms of strengthening your immune response so that you don’t get something like COVID).

Act Now

So how do we help strengthen the immune response so we don’t get any kind of virus or bacterial infections? We have four tips so we can all be strong, do our jobs, and live a happy healthy life. Not only are these types for you, but for your family members, friends, coworkers, and anyone else you know. Will these tips be a formula for perfect immune response, alone? They could. But if not, these are going to help your immune system regardless due to the positive impact they have on your body.

Three Tips to Boost Your Immune System


If you’re consuming a lot of sugar, it is probably the number one thing that’s going to reduce your immune response. Sugar creates a lot of stress in the body. The body has to work more to eliminate the effect sugar creates. It creates a lot of inflammation which in itself is an immune response. A start to eliminating sugar would be cutting out sodas or high sugar drinks. Then, reduce some of the foods that turn to sugar once consumed, like grains, pasta, rice, and bread. Make sure to eat vegetables, grass-fed organic meat, and other nutrient-dense foods. I think we all get sugar is not good for us, but not everyone understands that the likelihood of getting a viral infection is higher the more sugar you intake.


It sounds simple, but it is powerful. When somebody comes in and they’re fighting a cold or they’re fighting a virus, their first question is, “What can I take?” or “What can I do?” And my number one answer is rest. My advice is to rest since most of us have a lot of trouble just calming down and resting. We need to let our bodies rejuvenate. Our bodies are powerful and wonderfully made. It’s made to heal itself; it doesn’t need help healing. The body just needs to eliminate interference. If you don’t sleep, your body can’t regenerate anything like it does when you truly rest. So, 8-9 hours of sleep with additional naps throughout the day. if you’re not fighting something and you’re just trying to have a good immune response, 7-8 hours of sleep every single night will make sure you’re getting that strong sleep. Along with how many hours of sleep you get, the environment you sleep in is also greatly important. If you’re someone that’s dealing with sleep issues (like insomnia) we need to find out why. There’s most likely some sort of nervous system problem or hormone problem. Sleep is a great healer as well as an indicator of what is going on within the body.


The final tip will be a list of supplements that assist your immune system. Everybody wants to know what you can take, so here are four supplements you can start with now:

-Liposomal Vitamin C: This gets directly into the cells a lot faster. It has a fat layer that helps bypass the digestive system. A high dose of Vitamin C acts as a strong antioxidant. This can help with stress, immune function, and more. f you’re dealing with a lot of stress vitamin c is one of the strongest antioxidants.

-Vitamin D3: Since we are in the middle of wintertime, you want to be taking about a 10,000-15,000 IUs a day. We highly recommend getting your D3 levels checked. This is not an expensive test at all. You can get a blood test done which tell you what your levels are. If you’re taking a lot of Vitamin D3 and your levels are still low, we want to find out the root cause of why your liver isn’t processing it.

-Zinc: Zinc has many health benefits for your immune system. Don’t overtake this, as it can cause problems so always consult with your health professional before taking this. A good indicator it is not for you or it is too much would be nausea.

-Astragalus: This is an amazing liquid herb. This herb is used for strengthening the immune system at its core. It helps white blood cells, helps bone marrow, and all these leukocytes. These are all very important, so astragalus is a great herb be taken regularly.