#1 Thing Affecting Your Immune Response

The Leading Factor

There is one leading cause that weakens the strength of your immune system: stress. This one factor can counteract all other healthy lifestyle habits such as sleep, nutrition, and exercise. If you have a weakened immune system, you are susceptible to becoming sick often. Measuring how often you encounter sickness, allergies, or fatigue can show how strong or weak your immune response is functioning. When your body is stressed, your immune response is low.

Three Types of Stressors

Stress is often associated with emotions, but can also be associated chemically and physically. Some examples of chemical stress include cleaning products, makeup, deodorant, medication, and more. Some examples of physical stress could be the birthing process or a car accident. The body sees and treats each type of stress the same, so it is essential to lower each area as much as possible. The world we live in today is in the highest stress state it has ever been. These top tips will help drastically reduce the stressors in your world.

Top Six Ways to Boost Your Immune Response

1. Ingredients

(Chemical) While nutrition plays a role in health, the quality of what you eat is important. Make sure you are able to read every ingredient. Buy foods with the least amount of ingredients. Always buy organic, grass-fed, and natural food items to reduce chemicals.

2. Household Items

(Chemical) Analyze the cleaning products you have in your home and swap for healthier options. Reduce air fresheners and candles that can add stress to your body. The environment you are in daily can be detrimental to your stress state.

3. Sitting

(Physical) Avoid sitting for long periods of time. Movement is the key to life. If you have a job that requires you to sit at a desk, buy a wobble cushion or schedule times throughout your shift to stretch. Sitting is the new smoking when it comes to damage to your body’s health.

4. Chiropractic Care

(Physical) 90% of the stimulation to your brain comes from the spine. Along with movement throughout your day, chiropractic care is a great way to get proprioceptive movement. Interference in the spine can cause a chain of events since every part of the body is interconnected.

5. Listen and Watch

(Emotional) It is important to pay attention to what you are listening to and watching every day. It can be harmful to watch something such as the news on a daily basis that  adds stress. Remember, the body treats all stress the same whether you are simply stressed in your mind or physically/chemically stressed.

6. Perception

(Emotional) Focus on the perception you have on life. Two people can undergo the same stressful scenario, but each have two different perceptions. You are in control of the way you view a situation and the more positive the perception the less stress your body will face.